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ATJ Engineering Design & Building Services offers you the full range of services for all your projects needs.  With years of experience in both the residential and commercial projects classical & modren design, we are London's foremost engineering & design firm.


We can assist you with the following:

  • Project refurbishment
  • Project Innovation & design
  • Interior architectural design
  • Project management
  • Project Supervision.
  • Furniture selection and modification
  • Contractor selection
  • Project consultation
  • Lease/purchase contracts  

We are constantly improving these services to keep up with developments in the field and to provide you with the best resources solutions available.

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Additional Services

Quatation & Estimate:

  • we will quote you a free quotation & return via email
  • quotation comes with a fixed price.
  • we will explain most of the work we will do in front.

Site Management:

  • every project will have a professional and helpful site manager supervising the works
  • every job will also benefit from a daily oversight of a member of ATJ engineering Management team.

Guarantees & Insurance

  • all works are covered by guarantees appropriate to the project
  • all the projects are covered by full and up to date liability insurance.

Overseas Clients:

  • we have undertaken numerous projects for clients based overseas in UAE (abu Dhabi & Dubai) Saudi Arabia, Qater, Jordan, Eygpt ,Russia, US, Pakistan, Libya & Several European Countries.


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ATJ Engineering Design & Building Services Limited

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web: www.atjengineers.co.uk



ATJ Engineering Design & Building Services Ltd

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Aiad Aljoubory

(BSc,MSc in Engineering Design & Construction From London UK)


You can also contact us at any time using our online contact form.

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9:30am-5.30pm Monday To Friday 

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