Our portfolio: let us inspire you

We've been active over the years, helping individuals, businesses & owners from abroads in the London area and beyond to create the Homes & spaces they've always dreamed about. We have provided a selection of projects for you here, to give you an idea of our work. 

Past Projects

 Here is some selections from our past projects:

  • Memon International Centre-Balham-London-1997 
  • Spec electronic -ware house St. Albans -UK-1999
  • Cumberland House- Apartment kensington-London-2001
  • Old Court House- Apartment-Kensington-London-2004
  • Old Court House-Apartment-Kensington-London-2006 
  • Belgrave Square-Nightsbridge- London-2008
  • Old Court House- Aparetment-Kensington-2010
  • Cumberland House -Apartment - Kensington-2011
  • Shortlands - Hammersmith-London- 2011
  • Southwick place - Villa - Edgware Road - London - 2012
  • Iverna Gardens - apartment - Kensington-London- 2013
  • Grand Parade, Harringay - London- 2013
  • and many more

What can we do for you?

Maybe you, too, will be inspired to create a more sustainable interior environment for yourself. Contact us to find out how.

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